Hail Damage

Protecting your roof from hail damage over time can be as simple as calling Apex Construction and Roofing.

Homeowners in south Louisiana are all too familiar with its unpredictable weather patterns. Hail storms, torrential rainfall, and hurricanes can often leave our most cherished possessions vulnerable to damage. It’s often only a matter of time before your roof needs repairs or a full replacement due to hail damage.  

When Should I File a Hail Damage Claim?

The longer you wait to file your hail damage claim, the harder it will be to receive full coverage. While most insurance agencies allow for claims to be filed up to one year after the recorded damage, it is common that damages occurring outside of the hail storm are less likely to be approved. 

Our experts at Apex Construction and Roofing are skilled at observing the size, impact, storm severity likely to do the most damage. We’ll measure and outline all damages, photograph each effected siding or shingle, and determine the appropriate date, time, and location of the hail storm before filing a claim with your insurance. 

Things We Look For:

At Apex Construction and Roofing, we know what to look for when filing a hail damage insurance claim. Taking into consideration the following cues, our team can get your home back into proper shape with an in-depth report to your insurance agent.

  • Medium to large hail sizes 
  • Damage to granules on the shingle 
  • Outstretched or loosened granules
  • Impact of damage driven under the asphalt 
  • Crater like structures along the roof resulting in pattern of damage 
If you’ve just experienced hail damage to your property,  don’t wait to address damages to your roof. Contact us today and let Apex Construction and Roofing start the process needed for you to receive the coverage you deserve. 
Hail Damage Roof Repair Apex Construction and Roofing

Why Trust Apex Construction and Roofing?

While the Gulf coast is no stranger to severe weather patterns, hail storms in particular can carry significant impact to your home infrastructure. 

It takes an expert to know when a roof has experienced significant damage from a hail storm. Luckily, our trusted team of roofers are skilled at assessing a roof for key indicators of irreversible damage. 

We’ve completed hundreds of full roof replacement and filed thousands of roofing insurance claims on behalf of our clients. See just what our happy customer are saying about us! 

Step By Step Hail Damage Roofing Claim Process

Our step by step process is simple and easy to follow. We will work with your insurance company every step of the way to ensure you are well taken care of and your roof replacement is completed to the the best of our ability. 

  1. Send our roofing experts to complete a free roofing inspection 
  2. Assess and physically outline all damages 
  3. Photograph damages for insurance records 
  4. File homeowner’s insurance claim requesting full coverage or repair
  5. Receive claim from insurance company 
  6. Homeowner pays deductible for cost of new roof 


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